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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 7, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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right now we want to go downstairs, where we find our gwen talbart with a look at the weekend forecast. or perhaps a tease about the weekend forecast. >> perhaps. today won't be too bad as we start out the weekend. little bit of fog in some of our neighborhoods. other than that, really not a lot happening. going to see sunshine today. a lot more than we had yesterday. and also a little less humidity, which i think everybody is going to be happy for. here's a look at your current temperatures, 76 at reagan national airport. 74 at baltimore. 77 in annapolis. 72 fredericksburg to the south. 76 at dulles. 73 at culpeper. fairly mild. looking for a high of 90 degrees today. a very light southerly wind from 5 to 10 miles per hour. mostly sunny skies. we do have a slight chance, maybe around the 4:00, 5:00 of a light passing shower.
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we'll watch that. overall, mainly dry conditions across the entire region. the weekend, some changes are coming. talking about a wet saturday, but not a weekend washout. i think you'll be happy to see what we've got going on at the end of the weekend. and as well, that all important seven-day forecast. i'll have all the details in a little bit. back to you. thank you. president barack obama asked the nation to trust him with a second term. he wrapped up the democratic national convention in charlotte last night. >> president obama told the delegates in the hall and the nation watching at home that the nation has a fundamental choice in november. nicole collins is live with the top story. >> reporter: good morning. in the last few minutes new job numbers have come out that are not good for president obama. they show only 96,000 jobs were added last month, and that could stop any momentum coming out of the democratic national convention.
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president obama making his case to voters that america is on the road to economic recovery, but he needs more time to make it happen. >> it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over decades. >> reporter: the president slammed republican nominee mitt romney's policies. >> feel a cold coming on? take two tax cuts, roll back regulations and call us in the morning. >> reporter: vice president joe biden also renominated thursday. >> one more thing our republican opponents are just dead wrong about. america is not in decline. america is not in decline. >> reporter: the president speaking in the soaring rhetoric the country is now acustommed to, asked voters to rally around a set of goals he wants to achieve in a second term. >> goals in manufacturing, energy, education, national security, and the deficit. >> reporter: he criticized republicans for being vague at their convention last week.
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but they say the president's speech fell short of the specifics the obama campaign promised. >> we know he can deliver lofty goals, it was part of his attraction in 2008. but it's wearing thin. >> reporter: both candidates are campaigning today in new hampshire and iowa. you can expect both to talk about the new job numbers out this morning. tony and allison? >> thank you. we should point out that the unemployment rate did drop, however. allison? thanks. emthe convention hall last night as former congresswoman gabrielle giffords led the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge of allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one
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nation, under god, indy advisable, liberty and justice for all. >> she was critically wounded last year during a shooting spree in tucson. she resigned from congress to focus on her recovery. the wife of republican presidential nominee mitt romney is rallying women in northern virginia later today. ann romney is coming to leesburg, holding an event called women for mitt. it kicks off around 11:45 this morning. it's expected to cause traffic problems in the area. checking the other top stories now, the district is reporting its first death from west nile virus and health officials say a second person has been hospitalized. these are the first two cases reported in the district this year. maryland has seen 21 cases including one death. in virginia, there have been five cases, but no one has died. earlier this morning tony spoke
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with dr. ivan walks, the former director of the d.c. department of health. he explained what you need to look out for. >> three to 14 days you may see symptoms. the thing that lets us go, don't worry about it, most people don't have symptoms and you don't spread it person to person. however, just don't get bitten by a mosquito. seriously. and focus on the ways to prevent that. a lot of good guidance, don't let standing water be around. protect yourself with repellent. fix the broken screens and doors. all of those things will help us be safe. >> according to the cdc, this is the worst outbreak the country has ever seen. district heights police investigating a shooting that involved an 8-year veteran on the force. happened yesterday evening on county road. police say the officer had arrested a man for allegedly stealing a motorcycle and opened fire to prevent him from
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running away. the suspect was shot in the back and taken to a local hospital for treatment. the officer is on administrative leave. prince george's county police will be trading gifts for guns this weekend in an effort to reduce violence. the department is hosting its second gift cards for guns event tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. residents can voluntarily surrender firearms and unwanted ammunition to officers. in return, they'll get a $100 gift card. it's being held at the oxon hill united methodist church. police say participating citizens should ut all unloaded guns in the trunk of their cars. alleged scandal is rocking one local high school this morning. >> "washington post" is reporting that five dematha football players are no longer on the team after allegedly hiring prostitutes. sherri ly is live at the school in hyattsville with details. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. the principal here, dr. daniel mcmann, came out a couple of minutes ago to speak to us. he said the school was made aware of the incident tuesday. five players were accused of hiring prostitutes during a game in north carolina. the principal says that's five player -- that those five players are facing disciplinary procedures. school officials say it happened a football game in north carolina last friday night. the post says they hired three prostitutes they snuck into their hotel room early friday morning. some sources say some of them were involved in sexual activity. 18 chaperones were on the trip, and bed check at 1:30 and halls monitored until 4:30. two players withdrew from
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school, and one faces a disciplinary hearing today, and two others were expelled. some disagreed with how the school handled the situation. >> i was a bit surprised. i was really taken a little bit aback, you know, that this being a school, catholic school. >> you pay all this money to go to schools and as soon as they are through with you, don't want to use you anymore, they throw you to the side. that's so unfair. >> reporter: the principal -- let me read from it. he says the school ands behind the coach and staff and the staff who monitored this trip as well as students. he said the school community is saddened and hurt by the actions of these few who do not reflect the character of the community. we come from a faith tradition that emphasizes that we tell the truth and support one another. i cannot either legally or morally speak to any of the
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disciplinary matters. that's the latest in hyattsville. back to you. >> sherri ly reporting. thank you. the nats are on fire. coming up, a look at last night's win that involved some bench clearing drama. not the kind of fire we always want. >> plus, excitement is building as the redskins prepare to take on the saints in their first regular season game of the year. we're chatting live with the junkies next. >> first, a heads up for metro riders. prepare for delays this week. several stations on the red line will be closed due to track work. shuttle buses will replace trains between dupont circle and the noma gallaudet. we'll be right back. [ romney ] this president can ask us to be patient.
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this president can tell us it was someone else's fault.
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but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. but it makes millions off west marylanders every year. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney
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now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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the little girl gets boxed out. look at this face. >> jerk! >> a young florida marlins fan and her mother not -- is that a closeup of the jerk? no, a little girl. not happy about not getting a ball tossed into the stands. that girl did everything sh could to get the team's attention. you saw her waving her hands. for another shot. give me one more shot. eventually the marlins made sure she didn't go home empty handed. is it possible the gentleman didn't see that little girl? >> no, it's not possible. >> he's a jerk! it is a great time for sports fans locally for sure. >> right. the nats are in the lead by a big margin and the redskins preparing for their first regular season game starring rg3. we turn to some of our favorite guys. they've been away from us for a while. they're back. sports junkies from 106 --
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>> come on. our favorites that you've missed dearly over the past few months. >> that wasn't good enough? >> we want to be number one! >> you are number one in my book. >> there we go. >> our favorite who we have missed dearly and are so happy -- >> there you go. >> -- to have you back. how have you been, first of all? >> good. >> awesome. >> great. >> you look great. >> thank you very much. >> you look nice and rich. >> that is not the case. but thank y for thinking that. >> yeah, sure. >> let's talk about the nats. talk about rich. they're doing great. here's what i want to talk about first of all. the whole strasburg thing. we haven't had the chance to talk over the summer. i've been torn about this sitting him down thing. but i have to say, i've come around and i get it. what's your take on the whole thing. >> we're very split. couple of us are behind it. i've become, grown to become a real big nats' fan and i support what the organization has done.
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i believe this team is bigger than one guy. sure it's going to hurt we're not going to have our ace down the stretch. but this pitching staff has proven it's more than strasburg. they can go three or four deep. >> i'm in the minority. as a fan, i think it will be frustrating that you have a healthy pitcher in strasburg who has really shown no signs of this injury or anything. throwing as fast as he has all season. been as successful all season. and ge one, say they get to the world series, not going to have your horse, frustrating. >> even without strasburg they'll enter without four of the top pitchers. pretty impressive. >> bats are turning around. >> their bats are really on fire. >> i can see where they're coming from. who knows how much -- and there's no right or wrong answer. but they want to fortify their
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future with this guy. one way of doing it. who knows, if they win the world series with these guys, we don't talk about it. if they get bounced in the first round against cardinals or braves, another huge issue. >> they did the same thing with jordan zimmerman last year and nobody had a problem with it. why have a problem now? >> because they're in the hunt now. >> yeah. >> i want to tell all the people out there now, show up to games. it's embarrassing. i wasn't there last night, but i watched and nobody is in the stands. this team has a chance to win the championship and d.c. is starving for championships. >> how about this, how about you going to a game? >> i said that. >> one game for a bachelor party. [ everyone talking at once ] >> what's that? >> we need the upfront seats. >> yeah, we need your seats. >> i don't have those seats. part of the problem, the people who sit behind home plate, they
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get to go up to the president's club, so half the time they're not there. they need to sit in the seats. >> sounds like you've been there before. >> why has it taken this turn? this is why you guys weren't on for three months. >> hey, nothing like a free cocktail at the baseball game. of course you want those seats. >> let's talk about the redskins. i've been saying all summer, we have to manage our expectations. it's what i still believe. it's going to be a very tough, you know, i don't think they're going to win sunday. i hope they do. that's a tough thing to go into saints' territory. what do you think? >> particularly with the saints coming off the sanctions and feeling lick it's us against -- like it's us against the world. if you want to be optimistic, the last time we played them, lost in overtime -- >> you love bringing that up. >> it's a game we should have won. >> it's history. >> in a perfect world we can compete with this team. >> i think you have that game in an internal loop. >> far from perfect.
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jimmy graham third in the league last year, sproles, their runningback seven in the league with 76. haven't gotten to the receivers yet. it's going to be difficult to cover all these guys in a wide open offense. brees is a hall of famer. he does what he does, completes about 70% of his passes. >> the skins need to win the turnover battle and time of possession. if they can do that, they have a shot of staying close. >> great to talk to you. let me ask you a question, am i still the honorary fifth junkie. >> absolutely. >> as long as you don't get a cut of the paycheck. >> so it is one paycheck you split up. i've been wondering. >> thanks, tony. >> see you again soon. sports junkies, they are great. >> that's pretty darn funny. >> funny stuff. a new jacket it's keeping
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people comfortable. it's not a snuggie. we'll show it to you after the break. >> you got to see it. >> after the break. >> new flintstones bike making the rounds on the web. find out how -- [ laughter ] -- how this device works. we'll be right back. here's holly. >> reporter: don't go away just yet. we're live in adams morgan this morning kicking off our weekend as they gear up for their 34th annual street festival this weekend. we'll give you the whole lineup and take a look at what's new in this old neighborhood, live later. ♪ >> and a real life "whodunnit." finally an answer to the question, who let the dogs out? really, who did it? in this case, a feline did. come on out, guys. they're going to get in trouble, not her. we'll be right back.
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i love it. 9:19. ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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if you're feeling down, lonely and cold. take a look at this. a fashion designer created this puffy green jacket with a row of hands clasping around the front to make the wearer feel warm and loved. it's a prototype but they hope to have it by winter. as a bonus, on the back it says loser. >> that model looks confused, actually. if fred flintstone had a bike, this may have been what it looks like. >> a pair of german designers designed the bike. they strap into a harness and build up speed by running. the developer say the fliz is
9:24 am
not a replacement for the bicycle, but hope it's seen as a fresh transportation option for urban environment. >> that is one of the silliest things i've seen. i get it, because once you're up to speed you're riding. >> how do you stop it? >> i guess with your feet like the flintstones. our producer katie finds these videos. >> i love that dog, i mean the cat. and that one, the fliz. >> find out who is lending a land to a -- hand to a cancer patient. >> it's friday, and it's time for ask allison. one viewer is asking about drama in relationships. case in point, carrie and mr. big. do women like all the fuss and drama? i'm weighing in after the break. >> good question. 
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another story about a young person doing good for others.
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>> can't get enough of it. >> this is the 8-year-old on the left with his 2-year-old neighbor. when he learned she had leukemia he wanted to help. he participated in a scavenger hunt and won a thousanddollars and donated it to his family. a local charity matched his donation and a stranger donated another. >> 8 years old. i can hear his voice saying how much for therapy. >> wow. i bet he'd buy a cure if he could. >> he's going to grow up to be a special person. >> all right, gwen. sunshine today. more than yesterday and a little less humidity than yesterday as well.
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let's get right to it, show you what you can expect today and the weekend. satellite radar composite. not much to show, a little bit of fog earlier today. some of you still might be seeing a little bit of it. going to burn off and won't be around too much longer. that's at least good news. here's a look at your current temperatures, 76 at dulles this hour. 75 at gaithersburg. 74 baltimore and 76 in d.c. we're going to be keeping a very close eye on a very strong cold front that will be our main weather maker heading into tomorrow. it will push across the area and along and ahead of it for saturday, we are talking about storms and showers that will move through. could see a little bit of activity early in the morning. then a break. primarily talking the afternoon when we expect to see the storms become strong as this system comes across.
9:30 am
and widespread precipitation as well. be very aware if you're planning anything outside. here's a look at future cast which wants to bring a shower this afternoon. for the most part, should be dry. saturday, this line of storms very strong is expected to push into the afternoon hours and it's not going to be out of here until overnight into sunday before we start to see drier conditions. behind it, nice ridge of high pressure and we'll have a nice sunday. in the meantime, storm prediction center has us under a slight risk of severe weather for saturday. you can see the whole area up the mid-atlantic that is affected. definitely pay attention if you're doing anything outside on saturday. for today, then, 90 degrees. it will be hot, mostly sunny. less humidity than yesterday. overnight low about 74 under partly cloudy skies with light winds. here's a look at your accu weather seven-day forecast, once we get past that very active day on saturday, we have
9:31 am
huge improvements for you. drop in humidity, and cooler, drier air moving in. our temperatures will drop. sunshine straight across the board. not too hard to take at all. a very nice day on sunday. if you have anything you want to do, that's the day to do it on the weekend. let's check in now with tony and allison. thank you very much. we have some skyfox is tracking breaking news now. a rescue happening on sugar loaf mountain in northern montgomery county. we understand a person was found unconscious and inside a large bin at the vineyard, that was around 8:45 this morning. we are told they have life- threatening injuries and are being medevaced to a trauma center. if we get more information, we'll bring that to you.
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♪ tell me something good ♪ no graphic this week? >> that's it. that was your graphic. >> thank you, tony. that music means one, it's friday, and secondly, it's time for ask allison. today's question deals with drama. a viewer writes, why do most women prefer drama in a relationship and say it keeps the relationship from becoming boring? with drama, the viewer writes, you may say things that in the heat of anger you can never take back. why say something to hurt the one you say you "love"? all right. thank you, easterns, for that big banner. thank you, easterns, our friend over there. viewers writing in all the time, and viewer, we thank you for that one. i can tell you this is a gentleman. i guess you got that from this question, who wrote in. i don't know the specifics of his love life. but it sounds like he is the nice guy in some of the schemes out there and dare i say, has been on the receiving end of the relationship talk which
9:33 am
ends like, hey, it's not you, it's me, and you're really a nice guy, you're a great catch. if you've heard these things you might be a nice guy and might be tired of it. it's not your imagination. i have heard it 100 times myself. it goes like, i like a guy with a little edge. or he's too soft for me. and there is the old nice guys finish last syndrome. i know it is very real, but dear viewer, do not be discouraged. i understand the attraction of the bad boy. the image is everywhere in our society. we're going to show you clips from a popular show, like everybody was watching "sex in the city." it's popular, this bad boy image in literature, film, and yes on tv. who didn't root for carrie and big to get together? for her to tame that bad boy. it is pure drama. wildly popular drama. there is something exciting about being with a guy
9:34 am
perceived to be edgy and a lot of cool. it's good for a while. but i would caution women that these bad boys don't always magically become like mr. big and doesn't always end in a wedding ring if that's what you want or a long-term relationship or a life partner. in your e-mail, viewer, you asked why do women like drama? your feeling is they think it keeps things from getting stale. that is crazy talk. if you are finding yourself involved with this type of woman over and over again, then you are yourself attracted to that bad girl image that's out there. you want to run far away from these drama queens and do it right now. any lady who wants that drama is dealing, dare i say, with some unresolved issues she is bringing into her relationships. in this case, no, it's not you. it is her. believe it when she says that. fighting, saying hurtful things, looking for drama,
9:35 am
trying to pick fights, all that nonsense, it's not healthy. you do not need it. let me end by saying that i personally run from drama. i don't believe in saying things in the heat of anger and then it magically goes away after the fight. you treat people how you want to be treated, period, no excuses, in relationships, in life, work place, all of that. my friend, i assure you there are good women out there, i was one of them when i was out there dating and all that. those good women, if they're smart, they'll look for that good man in the end. nice guys don't always finish last. my husband of 12 years is now today and has always been a super nice guy, no drama. don't stand for that drama. it's a bunch of pahooey. if you have a question you would like answered, head to, click on the morning tab for a link to ask allison. i try to do this -- well, i do this every friday, like it or not, and we like all those hard questions. it's a simple question, but it
9:36 am
is hard. we know they're out there. he's too soft for me. >> or drama in general. there are certain relationships where it seems like it's always going on. >> right. it's unhealthy and those are issues that those people individually bring. i would say it's not 50/50 and 100% and 100% for a lasting relationship. nobody completes you. you are completed. >> very good. thank you. >> i'm being serious. >> me, too. >> you complete me, that's it. >> thank you, and you me in this professional setting. one of comedy's power couples is calling it quits. we're going to tell you who next. >> find out who stole the show and who took home top honors at last night's mtv video music awards. the buzz bin. >> the middle guy, why doesn't he comb his hair? >> it is combed.
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i'm barack obama, and d i approe this message. mitt romney's position on womemen's's dangero. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message.
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but it makes millions off west marylanders every year. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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have to admit, i'm sorry to hear this, a hollywood break up. amy poehler and will arnett. they have two children. you know her from "saturday night live" and parks and recreation. he is on up all night. that's too bad. stars and musicians came together in hollywood last night for the 29th annual ceremony. >> you could hear fans screaming for their favorite artists. the band that really had the girls going wild was one direction. >> we'd like to thank each and every single one of you in here tonight and all our friends, family -- >> like fame overnight. mega fame, right? the british boy band took home three awards, including one for
9:41 am
best new artist. rihanna was awarded best video of the year for "we found love." and taylor swift ended the show on a high note performing her new song -- is that kevin hart giving her the award? taylor is performing her new song "we are never, ever getting back together." >> i wonder what that song is about. >> all her songs are break-up songs. the infamous meat dress wore by lady gaga is on display at the national museum of women in the arts in an exhibit called women who rock. it's organized by the rock hall of fame museum and it's the only chance to see it on the east coast. the dress has been dried and painted over. as you pointed out earlier,
9:42 am
it's now a jerky dress. coming up next, celebrities, performers and gossip, oh yes. talking about the wendy williams show become for a fourth season. the host herself will join us with a preview of what we can expect when the show kicks off monday. >> rediscover adams morgan. holly is taking us to the 34th annual celebration. it's 9:42. we'll be right back.    g . so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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mitt romney's position onpprove women's's dangero. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades. head north, to someplace pristine like acadia national park. there is nothing like the parks this time of year. the falling leaves, the crisp air, the perfect inspiration for air wick's fall collection. yeah, when i smell all those things, i know fall is in the air. the fall collection brought to you by air wick and the national park foundation. something in the air wick.
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♪ you know what that music means? the wendy williams show is all new in season four, beginning this monday, september 10th. there are a few things you can look forward to. for that, we turn to ms. williams herself. wendy joins us live from her
9:46 am
new set in new york city. good morning. >> good morning, allison. listen, i know what you're saying, that doesn't look like a new set to me. believe me when i tell you, we're keeping the shot right near in tight something you can recognize, the doors i come through. i'm sitting on my purple couch. but we are now in a bigger facility. there's about 50 feet of studio right over there. look, madonna can be over there doing pirouettes, it's so big. >> she can have a marching band. >> yes. if you've been to the show, because we get a lot of people in the studio audience from d.c., then you know what our audience was. now, it's much bigger. i don't want to do the big reveal until monday. and also, we haven't been in hd. now wendy williams show is in hd. >> i love it. wendy, speaking of that, before i ask you about the show, i remember there would be news people from different markets
9:47 am
in your audience. i think i was waiting for an invitation and it never came. so i might have to come up there on my own. >> excuse me, i'm doing a talk show. i'm moisturizing, i'm 48. look, we know each other. show up. >> okay. >> show up. >> let me ask you nor about the -- more about the new show. when you said that's where you come out, i'm like, i don't know what i'm seeing. what else is new physically and what else can we expect season four? >> okay, well, are you ready for this? >> ready. >> one of the fan favorites on the show, one of the components has been hot topics. generally was like 10 minutes, sometimes 12 minutes, if year lucky, and then we go into a commercial break. season four, we're starting off with 20 minutes of hot topics before the first commercial. >> i like that very much! i like that very much. i love the entire show, but i like that part of the show very much. >> exactly. i love doing the whole show.
9:48 am
but i have to say, that i do read my facebook and i read my twitters and i see what you guys have been wanting. you want more hot topics. you love ask wendy. ask wendy stays. also, you want to be in contact with me. in my head when i'm doing the show, i hear people, not people in the crazy way. i'm talking about people responding -- >> i got you. >> yeah. now you can respond yourself. we're live in d.c., out of new york at 10:00 a.m. you get us absolutely live. twitter and facebook are going to be new components to our show while we are doing the show. when i walk out and, from the top of the show, if there's anything you have to say, question, comment, criticism, you like my guest, you like what he or she said -- >> we love your shoes. >> you love my shoes, but you hate my lipstick. it's to light for me, or hate my hair, it's too light for me. or the woman in the audience
9:49 am
with the question not getting along with her mother-in-law, you can tell me on facebook, i'm going to do something at the end of the show, meet and greet, i'm going to acknowledge, obviously i can't do it with all of them, but i acknowledge some of the tweets and facebook comments on the show. so we're communicating with one other on the show. at the end of the show, i got it, you might not like this wig, but i do. that's an example. >> and the round segment table on fridays, where you bring in the people that influence what we think and all that good stuff. i think it's going to be so fantastic. do you have time to tell me your favorite guest from last season? anybody who sticks out right away? >> oh, boy. i don't have a favorite. so many of them have wowed me.
9:50 am
queen latifah was wonderful. simon cowell was wonderful. paula abdul was wonderful on the couch. dan rather has a funny bone. who knew? i'm looking forward to giving you more of what you watch the show for. thank you so much, d.c. >> thank you. next time you're in d.c., it's a crime you haven't been here since season one launch. come back and see us. we love the show. >> allison, this is your invitation. come on. >> okay, i'll see you in the big city. thank you so much. wendy williams of course. here is a look at the new show starting monday, fourth season begins after our show at 10:00 a.m. and ricki lake returns to daytime with the ricki lake show at 11:00 a.m. and dr. oz is back for his fourth season, beginning at 4:00 p.m. monday here on fox 5. also we'll chat live with dr. oz monday for a preview of his new season. that's coming up later. are you ready to rediscover
9:51 am
adams morgan? this morning some of the top shops in the district are gearing up for this annual event. that's where you'll find fashion, food and fun all in one place, of course that's where you'll find holly morris. good morning, holly. ♪ >> reporter: hey, guys. having a lot of fun in adams morgan as they are gearing up for their 34th annual street festival. this festival has long been a destination for people to come out in the fall. this year there's a bunch of new reasons to come back. they always have the wonderful music. they're going to be playing on the columbia stage 6:00 p.m. sunday. there are two stages. columbia stage and florida stage. all the fun and festivity in between. and you'll have more room to roam around and a lot of that has to do with the new street scape. you know it's a big deal when this guy shows up, jim graham
9:52 am
showing up. look at that. he says, feel free to show my new shoes. i wore this just for you. and the bow tie you made from your tablecloth. everyone is happy around here now, because that whole street scape project has finished. been a long time in the making. >> we survived it. we have come out on the other side with this beautiful broad sidewalks. people have to see this to believe it. >> reporter: the business owners had to endure that year and a half, so they really paid for it. >> and the residents. >> reporter: and the residents. >> and the residents. everybody involved had to go through this. but we knew that at the other side we would have this great plaza. and it's ready for one of the best days in the district of columbia, which is adams morgan day. >> reporter: which is why it's running for so long, 34 years.
9:53 am
>> absolutely. >> reporter: still running. is the street scape another example of how d.c. is embracing the tradition that exists, but sprucing it up at the same time? >> in ward one we have street scapes in the process. we're determined to bring forward a new ward one in terms of our roadways and our business sectors. >> reporter: look, we've got people randomly dancing on the streets. they just don't go away, because that showcases the spirit that is adams morgan. thank you for coming out this morning. always good to see you. i have two other people i want to introduce you to. this is justin and arianna and both have businesses here. >> we find the street festival
9:54 am
is going to be a great time for people to recover adams morgan, especially the businesses that source locally like ours. it's exciting. it's why i opened up am wine shoppe. >> reporter: why is it important for you for sourcing locally? it's not the easy route. >> sure. connecting the diner to more organic kind of experience when it comes to dining. that's exactly the reason we opened the wine shoppe, as an extension of that. >> reporter: for you, you know firsthand what it was like to endure the street scape. >> absolutely. >> reporter: the benefits on the other side. >> we both live and work in adams morgan and we own the amsterdam falafelshop here. the streets are beautiful, and it's not only an amazing place to visit, but a green place to visit. our sidewalks allow the rain
9:55 am
water to go into our tree boxes. we have solar trash barrels. we have bike lanes. everything is geared towards the green lifestyle. and you get to discover all the great restaurants and businesses for shopping and entertainment that's here every day. >> reporter: you experienced the growing pains. were you ever like, i'm not sure this is worth it? >> absolutely. at 7:00 a.m. when the trucks rolled in, we're like, they're here again. the reality is you have to go through pain to get the gain of the amazing neighborhood. when you come here, you may think you've seen adams morgan before but you have to check it out now. it's a totally different place to be. >> reporter: that's all you need to here. this sunday is the 34th annual adams morgan street festival from noon until 7:00. 18th street between colombia road and florida avenue. the stages on either end. enjoy the rest of fox fox 5
9:56 am
morning news when we come back. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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we're going to leave you with a daily dose of cuteness. unlikely friends playing in the water. this is sasha whose owners say she took a break from playing fetch to play with this fish. >> they're kissing. that's amazing. >> that's pretty amazing. >> so cute. >> only in vegas. now the fish is like, okay, that's enough. >> and now the dog went for a dorito instead. what have you dot for us? >> seven-day forecast, a chance of severe storms by saturday afternoon. be prepared for that if you're planning anything outside. after that, sunday a beautiful day. we saw holly down in adams morgan. will be great weather for that. the rest of the


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